Literally: a network

In astronomy: a network of fine lines on a glass plate, used in a photographic telescope to produce a corresponding network on photographs of the stars

In photography: a screen having minute colored filters, used in some forms of color photography



We represent award-winning storytellers as keynote speakers, educators, and specialists in engaged communication. The stories from different parts of the world illustrated with striking visual material, are not only a documentation, but a call to action, covering the themes such as: climate change, environment, social injustice, women rights, representation of minorities, indigenous communities, inclusion, conflict, and challenges of the Anthropocene, as well as solutions and actions that can be taken to change the world. Our speakers’ stories and their unique insights will be a highlight of any live or online event, Q&A, VIP meeting, business conference, communication and marketing event, skills training and more.


REZO global network has been built over ten years working in photography and media. We drive growth by developing brand and communication strategies, and maintain reputation of the artists via high-level networking. 


We help organizations, brands, management agencies to enhance the understanding of impactful storytelling and marketing for the cause. We share the skills and knowledge during workshops, talks, and consultations. We share our experience and know-how in the areas of impactful marketing, empowering leadership, value creation, art branding, talent management, experience design, communication with social impact, and the ways to align values with action. We consult artists’ work and help with creating long-term strategies for career development to become impactful storytellers with the unique, recognizable voice.


For individual clients, who are interested in personalized experience and approach, we offer a unique access to the most wanted artworks and recognized artists from around the world. Whether you are interested in starting your photography collection, looking for a unique piece to add to your existing collection or would like an expert opinion on how to invest in photography, we are here to help. We offer also advisory services in curating the private collections on demand.


We organize and manage art projects, meetings, workshops, consultations, exhibition, studio visits, and curate and produce photography exhibitions with world-class artists offering assistance on every step of production: from idea, exhibition concept and storyline, visual identity, production, communication and marketing, to finalization of the project.


Rezo is a consulting agency specialized in visual storytelling, experience design, and photography. We represent and connect talents with institutions all over the world, collectors, and the audience. We create strategies for artists’ development and share knowledge about the international photography market. We produce events, exhibitions, workshops, portfolio reviews, and promote artists in the media. We advise institutions, collectors, and companies in building their photography collections. We work around the world from Warsaw and Stockholm.




Wiktoria Michałkiewicz
Founder | Creative Director | Talent Manager
+48 792.016.282


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